Controlled Copy for DOS, Win95 and OS/2, by Tarmo Toikkanen

Version 1.08.22 is available

CCopy Beta-area

"We've been using CC here for about a month or so and I have to say, it has quickly become my standard copying program. CCopy is a pretty amazing piece of code."

Table of contents

  1. Introduction to CCopy
  2. General information
  3. Downloading CCopy
  4. Beta versions and information
  5. Author's Home Page
  6. Feedback and contacting the author

General information

CCopy is a general purpose file copier with enough flexibility for virtually any purpose you can think of. Refer to the introduction for a short tour of the capabilities of CCopy.

A look at the competition

And these were the DOS-copiers. For OS/2 there are no other copiers, apparently. Remember, CCopy has identical versions that work in DOS, Windows 95 and OS/2.

To see which of these copiers is the fastest, please refer to the speed comparisons at the File Copier Central Station. For other features as well, you might want to check out the information at the File Copier Central Station. And don't forget, you can let the Station give you a ranked list of all available file copiers based on your requirements!

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Feedback of all sorts - comments, new ideas and bug reports - are always welcome. If you think you know of a file copier that outclasses CCopy, please let me know.

For any kinds of feedback, send e-mail.

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Tarmo Toikkanen <[email protected]>

Last updated: March 11 2000